Cooperative Purchasing Program


Local Government & Tribal Government Use of State Contracts

What is Cooperative Purchasing?

By law, tribal governments and Montana's political subdivisions may purchase supplies and services in cooperation with the State of Montana. Section 18-4-402, MCA permits local public procurement units to take advantage of the cost savings realized by the State's volume purchasing. Currently, cooperative purchasers may benefit by purchasing from State term contracts, the vehicle requisition time schedule, and participating in the ordering of certain commodities needed by the Montana Department of Transportation.

Who is Approved as a Local Public Procurement Unit? 

(Updated August 2019)

  • Cities and Towns (including all subdivisions thereof)
  • Counties (including all subdivisions thereof)
  • Educational Institutions
  • Public Agencies & Authorities
  • Health Institutions
  • Tribal
  • Other

Click HERE for a list of active cooperative purchasers with current Memorandum of Understanding documents on file with the State Procurement Bureau.

How the Program Works

Information Requests

Please contact the State Procurement Bureau for information requests on cooperative purchasing.

Sign a Cooperative Purchasing Memorandum of Understanding

The State of Montana requires that interested local governments, school districts and tribal governments sign a Cooperative Purchasing Memorandum of Understanding prior to utilizing state contracts. This agreement must be signed by a local government or tribal official and returned via email, fax, or mail to the State Procurement Bureau.

Term Contracts  &  eMACS Marketplace

Purchases made utilizing a state Term Contract must be placed directly with the contract vendor.  Approved Local Public Procurement Units may also use the eMACS Marketplace to purchase goods from various Term Contracts.

Vehicle Purchasing

Twice per model year, the State of Montana issues bids for passenger cars and light duty trucks (up to 1 ton). Bids are issued once per model year for patrol vehicles. Local governments and tribal governments may include their vehicle purchases along with the State's order by submitting the proper request forms by the established deadlines. The State will solicit bids from vendors and notify local governments and tribal governments of the results. 

Vehicle orders for the requisition time schedule must be placed with the State Procurement Bureau; see Agency Vehicle Purchasing for more information.

MDOT List of Commodities

Local governments and tribal governments may join the Montana Department of Transportation in purchasing certain commodities. Commodities available for cooperative purchasing are listed below:

  • Road oil
  • Traffic line paint and glass beads
  • Road salt and chemical deicer
  • Snowplow wear blades
  • Rubberized asphalt
  • Preformed thermoplastic pavement markings
  • Fencing materials

For complete information on how to participate in the purchase of these commodities, contact the Montana Department of Transportation at (406) 444-6365.





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